I-SKY Group
Founded by Miss Aira To, I-SKY Group is a diversified corporation with a global vision and strong corporate social responsibilities. Its longstanding policy is to continuously enhance quality and introduce innovation and initiatives to cater to changing needs and trends in the market, with the aim of bringing quality living to the customers.
The Group operates core businesses in Hong Kong and overseas: global resources, real estate development, construction and renovation, furniture design and manufacture, medical services, jewellery and entertainment. Members of the Group include:

I-SKY Group (Holdings) Limited

(Businesses in Papua New Guinea)
Skywalker Global Resources Company Limited
Skywalker Global Resources Company (PNG) Limited
I-SKY Global Resources (PNG) Limited
I-SKY Natural Resources (PNG) Limited
I-SKY Property Development (PNG) Limited
Kaki-iki & Associates Limited

(Businesses in Hong Kong)
I-SKY Development Limited
Astro Skywalker Development Limited
I-SKY Properties Limited
Skyriver Group Holdings Limited
Skywalker Construction and Decoration Company Limited
I-SKY Furniture Limited
I-SKY Design Limited
I-SKY Medical Group Limited
I-SKY Medical Centre Limited
I-SKY Beauty
Aira Jewellery Limited
I-SKY Entertainment Limited

As a committed corporate citizen, I-SKY Group has been actively involved in various community services and fundraising programmes.

Miss Aira To, Managing Director of I-SKY Group

Having been engaged in teaching for more than a decade, in 2002 Aira began to set foot in real estate sector and created the I-SKY Group. With her extraordinary courage and wisdom, Aira has successfully invested in a variety of businesses and has turned I-SKY Group into a more diversified and worldwide corporation. Furthermore, under Aira's remarkable management, the Group has been nominated and has received several awards, such as Hong Kong Top Branding Award, TVB Outstanding Image Award and The Outstanding Strategic Performance Award.

Aira's significant achievement was recognized by numerous international public organizations and has been chosen to be the Most Outstanding Chinese Young Entrepreneur. She has also been award The Most Creative Chinese Woman Entrepreneurial Leadership of Asia Pacific.

Other than pursuing her career development, Aira also devotes most of her efforts in fulfilling her social responsibility in helping the less fortunate groups. She was elected to be the President of various charity groups and has raised substantial funding to build or renovate schools and dormitories in China, the Philippines and Cambodia. Besides her own commitment, she has also been actively encouraging and influencing others to involve in countless voluntary services, community programs and fund-raising events. In recognition of Aira's noteworthy contribution to the society, she has received many awards from the charity organizations during the years, such as The Most Socially Responsible Award, The Greatest Social Contribution Award etc.. In addition, Aira was granted The National Sub-decree, M.H. Cambodia, Distinct Chinese Medal by the Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia.
I-Sky Group (Holdings) Limited
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